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2035 La Crosse and La Crescent Metropolitan Area Transportation Plan (MTP)

The Vision:

"To provide a safe and efficient transportation system for all users that encourages economic prosperity, and protects and enhances the area’s unique natural and cultural resources."

The LAPC Policy Board adopted the 2035 La Crosse and La Crescent Metropolitan Area Transportation Plan (MTP), the long-range transportation plan for the La Crosse and La Crescent area on September 1, 2010. 

Comments and questions can be directed to Jackie Eastwood, LAPC Transportation Planner at (608) 785-6141 or

Chapters follow:

All comments received during the public comment period, including those from WisDOt and Mn/DOT, have been incorporated.  A discussion of the comments and our response are here.

Table of Contents (8-18-2010)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (8-18-2010)
Chapter 2 - Metropolitan Transportation Planning (8-18-2010)

Chapter 3 - State of the Region (8-18-2010)
Chapter 4 - Transportation Networks (8-23-2010)
Chapter 5 - Environmental Review (8-18-2010)
Chapter 6 - Transportation / Land Use Connection (8-18-2010)
Chapter 7 - Recommendations (7-20-2010)
Chapter 8 - Financial Plan (8-18-2010)
Chapter 9 - Performance Tracking and Evaluation (8-18-2010)
Appendix A - Acronyms (7-20-2010)
Appendix B - Environmental Justice Methodology (7-20-2010)



Please see this page for the 2030 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (updated July 18, 2007).



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